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Aluminium Master Alloys

Aluminium is environment-friendly, energy saving and available in virtually unlimited quantities – provided that it is handled, processed and recycled appropriately.

The finer and more flawless the structures of aluminium products, the better their performance properties. Aluminium master alloys assure the necessary grain refining and modifying, thus guaranteeing effective control of metallurgical structures.

The development of such high quality master alloys is inseparably linked with the name Technologica.

We offer all common TiB grain refiners in rod on coil or cut rod. For the manufacture of Al alloys we can offer a wide selection of master alloys either as waffle plate or alloying tablets. Please ask us for a detailled offer.

Additionally our warehouse service for grain refining and modification master alloys assures prompt deliveries.

Ex stock deliveries

Since years we have maintained an ex stock service for small and medium size foundries. We constantly keep in stock TiB 5:1, Tibloy, AlSr10, PCu, ALCUP Phosporus rod and ALCUP 90 cutrod. We can deliver these products promptly.

Please test our service. We would like to convince you with our service - as we have done with many others in the past.