We think High Tech

Process technology advice. Quality. Economy.

Process technology advice. Quality. Economy.
Three pillars on which Technologica is built.

We know that customers are becoming ever more demanding, quality standards more stringent, public authorities more uncompromising. Only those who deliver the right response to these conditions and customer expectations will prove successful in the marketplace. That’s why we challenge ourselves to put all our experience at the service of our customers. In order to guarantee them the best possible process technology advice, superior quality and maximum economy.

ISO certification

Top quality and maximum economy?
No contradiction in terms for us.

Top product quality – this is Technologica strong point No. 1. Our products are not only at the cutting edge of advanced technology. They also guarantee maximum dependability and economy. And they are friendly to environment, staff and equipment. Aluminium master alloy rods from Technologica bear the quality seal of certification according to ISO 9001:2000. Just one example of how we help our customers gain a competitive edge in the market.


With some problems, good advice is hard to find.
With us, it’s only natural.

In-depth application technology advice – this is Technologica strong point No. 2. If you’re seeking a solution for materials and processes in the High Tech metals sector, we’ll find it. A solution that is dependable and sound, professional and economical. We’ll settle for nothing less. So we stay in close contact with you at all times. Learning to precisely understand your expectations and requirements. In order to then offer you the optimum solution. Not only before the sale, but afterwards too. So that you can capitalize on all the advantages of our products. Customer service and technical support are no empty phrases for us, but an intrinsic part of our philosophy.