Foundry supplies
(non-ferrous metals)

Fluxes – Melt treatment – Coating – Mould release agent

For many years we have been working successfully as sales partners in exclusive cooperations and partnerships with well-known and leading producers. This also applies to the foundry supplies sector. Here, we combine our market and industry experience with the expertise of our partner in the development of innovative auxiliary materials for foundries. Quality products with fast reaction and delivery times, that’s what we at Technologica stand for.

An excerpt from our product range:

  • Fluxes: Drossing and cleaning salts with low emissions, highly effective for aluminium, copper, magnesium and zinc alloys
  • Coatings for launders, dies and casting tools e.g. based on boron nitride or graphite
  • Mould release agent for aluminium die casting in various, customer-specific compositions
  • Impeller degassing systems with automatic salt addition
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