Corrosion-resistant chemical process equipment

Shell and tube heat exchangers – Pressure vessels – Reactors – Columns – Piping

Technologica supports you in demanding tasks of planning pressure equipment for plant construction. Our customers benefit from the many years of exclusive cooperation with our partner headquartered in the USA.

The equipment is manufactured according to individual customer specifications at the main site in the USA, in India or in China.

We are specialized in solving problems with aggressive substances and have extensive experience in the production of appliances made of

  • tantalum
  • titanium
  • zirconium
  • niobium
  • hastelloy
  • monel
  • inconel
  • duplex
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Whether solid refractory metal construction, explosion clad or loose lined design the engineering and fabrication follows the major standards of the industry like ASME, PED, EN 13445 or Chinese SELO.

We supply to all industries where corrosion is a problem: Chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, crop protection, fertilizer, oil & gas - around the world.

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