High purity and ultra dry metal halides

Scintillation materials – Fluorides – Chlorides – Bromides – Iodides

We are your partner for metal halides of highest purity (5N) for demanding industrial processing. The products are exclusively from our partner based in the USA.

From the smallest quantity to several tons, we deliver exactly according to your specific requirements. Be it pure or doped, in powder form or as beads (melting beads). Our "beaded materials" stand out in a special way:

  • ease of handling
  • free-flowing material
  • possibility of combined dopants
  • low oxygen content
  • low residual moisture (< 20 ppm)
  • better crystal yield with increased performance.

An excerpt from our product range

  • Cesium Iodide
  • Thallium Iodide
  • Europium Iodide
  • Strontium Iodide
  • Enriched Lithium 6 Halide
  • Cerium Bromide
  • Lanthanum Bromide


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